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    Loyalty points

    Earn loyalty points on every Diddybear purchase

    Collect 10 loyalty points and get a free Diddybear.

    Customers must register an account. Terms and conditions apply.

How it works

Registering with Diddybears automatically entitles you to loyalty points on all purchases. Simply purchase one or more Diddybears, and we will add your loyalty points to your account.

We also offer loyalty points for other reasons – as a registered customer you will have access to other ways to earn more points as well as special discounts!

Your virtual loyalty card

Unlike other shops, we do not send out paper loyalty cards covered in stickers. Your virtual loyalty card is visible on your account page, showing exactly how many loyalty points you have earned. Please note that we don’t add loyalty points until your payment has cleared and your order is being processed.

image of a Diddybear loyalty card showing 8 points earned

Claiming your free Diddybear

When you have earned 10 loyalty points, you can claim your free Diddybear via your account page. Your free Diddybear will be made just for you in the colours you choose. We’ll even gift-wrap it and post it for free!

Why not start your collection today!

Every Diddybear purchased earns 1 loyalty point towards your free Diddybear. And if you’re not already registered, you can register automatically during checkout.