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With the relaunch of Diddybear looming ever closer, I’ve lately been coming up with new Diddybear themes.  Apart from the obvious – Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine – I wanted to do something a little different with the next additions to

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You’re in safe hands

If any of you use WordPress for your blogging or ecommerce platform, you may (or may not) have been aware of a spate of brute force attacks that have been targetted at tens of thousands of WP users since April. Ooh,

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Diddybears re-boot (part 3)

They say a picture paints a thousand words. In the age of social media this has never been more true, and images are every bit as important as the written word. Like many artisans, I take great pride in taking

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Diddybears re-boot (part 2)

Part of the re-boot is taking a long hard look at how I efficiently I can serve customers. My current shop has served me well for the last few years, but has its limitations and enhancements are few and far

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Bragging rights

It occurred to me recently that I’ve never really taken advantage of the excellent feedback I get here at Diddybears. This has been partly due to the limitations of my current shop and the lack of support for more dynamic, interesting

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Diddybears re-boot (part 1)

It’s been nearly a year since I left my previous job with Avis, and my goodness the time has flown by. I’ve been in the new job since the middle of February and my feet are hardly touching the ground

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