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Diddybear Cottage gets an extension

For those in the know, it’s been a while since I created Bellybutton-on-the-Wold – the secret corner of England occupied by the Diddybears. Diddybear Cottage has become a popular feature, with frequent postings on Facebook of Clifford and Imeda Diddyears’

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Reservations no more

When I first set up my independent shop, we were at the height of the recession. Determined not to let my customers miss out, I set up a process that allowed them to reserve a favourite Diddybear for a few

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Rewarding loyalty

It came to my attention a very long time ago that despite issuing discretionary discount codes, many Diddybears customers don’t actually use them during checkout. On reflection, I realised it was probably because I didn’t offer account registration on the

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T minus 10

Just 10 weeks to go before the new Diddybears shop opens for business, and it’s time to get busy taking photographs! There’s a lot of new stock but the weather has been just dreadful with very few outdoor photo opportunities

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Oh, the PAIN!

I hate PHP.  I shouldn’t because I have a long history of developing websites. But PHP, or should I say, WordPress, is a pain in the Diddybum! I’m a big fan of object oriented programming, but the whole principle of WordPress

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Sleepy Bags

A long time ago, when I first started making Diddybears, I made a few padded pouches for them. I don’t know what inspired me to start making them again, but the time seemed right to offer customers ways to extend

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Exciting times

It’s been almost three years since I set up my first independent online shop – how time has flown! …. Unfortunately, the platform hasn’t grown as I would have expected. Not being mobile-friendly has been the biggest challenge; most of

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